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FoxTech’s Cyber Security Testing keeps your organisation safe

Businesses are under attack from cyber threats like never before. Every day, hackers find ever-more sophisticated ways to exploit vulnerabilities and launch devastating security breaches.

Cyber crime is a growing problem, costing businesses billions of pounds. Small businesses are frequently targeted and often don’t have the financial resources to survive an attack. As organisations implement flexible working practices and further reliance is placed on remote working, these crimes are only likely to increase.

So it makes sense to ensure your cyber security risk protocols are up-to-date and robust enough to withstand a cyber attack.

At FoxTech, we understand how distressing it can be to become the victim of a cyber security breach.

We will work with you to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your organisation’s systems. Our Cyber Security Reviews will highlight security risks and help you fix these to ensure your organisation is capable of repelling attacks from scammers and cyber criminals.

What is a Cyber Security Review?

A Cyber Security Review or assessment identifies your organisation’s ability to protect and defend your critical information against the common forms of cyber attacks.

Regular assessments are essential as cyber criminals are constantly finding new methods to breach IT security defences.

A FoxTech Cyber Security Review uses penetration testing, also known as pen testing, to expose vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your organisation’s cyber defences. Sometimes known as ‘ethical hacking’, penetration testing involves simulating a cyber attack against your computer system to check for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by criminals.

What does a FoxTech Cyber Security Review involve?

Here at FoxTech, we have decades of knowledge and experience in all aspects of IT security. We’ve developed our FoxTech Cyber Security Review to test, assess and identify vulnerabilities in your computer system.

We assess your IT security programmes using an established benchmark, such as the Center for Information Security (CIS) controls, and perform active penetration testing of your systems.

A FoxTech we use our knowledge of threats and likelihood of harm to give a priority on each of the recommended steps to fix things.

Our comprehensive review includes:

Internet exposure assessment

Most organisations have an online presence to drive sales and promote visibility, but company websites can attract undesirable attention from cyber criminals seeking personal and financial information about you and your clients.

Our thorough Internet Exposure Assessment discovers and probes everything your organisation has facing the internet, performing penetration testing to find vulnerabilities.

Cloud security assessment

More and more businesses are turning to Cloud computing as a reliable, cost-effective way of managing IT systems. But misconfigurations leading to data leakage are a common problem with Cloud usage.

FoxTech’s Cloud Security Assessment analyses your organisation’s Cloud infrastructure to ensure you’re protected from cyber attacks.

Application security review

If your organisation runs an app, you’ll know that fixing bugs and programming issues is a full-time job. But security threats are often overlooked.

Our Application Security Review will scan and test your applications for vulnerabilities and technical flaws to make sure it’s ready to withstand cyber threats.

Let us help you

Here at FoxTech, we have decades of experience and knowledge in IT security. Whatever sector you work in, you can trust us to work with you to reduce cyber security risks.

We’re here at the end of the phone to talk you through everything we’ve found and explain to you the options you have available to you in an accessible way.

Let us keep your business safe. Book a FoxTech Cyber Security Review now.

Once your cyber security review is complete, we will provide solutions you need to keep your business safe from cyber attack, ensuring you have the peace of mind to get on with running your business.

We cater for all types of organisations and every budget. Act now for peace of mind!

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