Security Architecture Design

Cyber breaches can be hugely costly for organisations that are caught unprepared.
The technology and cyber security landscape is constantly evolving and organisations need to ensure that good cyber security is built into their systems and services from the outset.

FoxTech’s security system design team is here to help with your security strategy. Our friendly and highly-skilled team will ensure you are doing the right things to adapt effectively to emerging threats and risks.

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What Is Security Architecture

Security architecture is a set of overarching security principles and models that are designed around your goals to keep your business safe from cyber threats. Getting security right at the start of any development helps to create systems that are easier to keep secure and can reduce the need for any costly rework in the future.

Well-built security architecture will make initial compromise of the system difficult, limit the impact of a breach, make disruption of the system difficult and make detection of an attack easy. FoxTech is here to help you get things right from the start

What Does Security Architecture Involve?

Our security architecture team will produce designs to help you achieve your security goals. FoxTech are specialists in Cloud, network and information security architecture. Our secure architects design computer systems and processes to achieve your security goals. This can include activities such as:

● Defining security requirements
● Producing designs
● Evaluating and managing security risks
● Benchmarking and good practice

FoxTech's Security Architecture Design Services

FoxTech is an independent and highly-specialised cyber security company based in the UK. Our expertise includes decades of experience in public sector and Government services. We can provide the know-how to help you get the right security architecture in place so you can make informed decisions about securing your systems from cyber attacks.

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