Simple Reporting

Simple Reporting

High-quality penetration testing reports play a crucial role in managing and improving the security posture of your organization.

A penetration test’s purpose is to identify vulnerabilities in a system, but it doesn’t stop there. The ultimate goal is to resolve these vulnerabilities and enhance the system’s security. It is not just a list of problems but a practical guide to improving system security.

Penetration Testing Report

Our high quality reports are written by people with real-world experience running and administering IT in a wide range of circumstances.  We provide actionable recommendations tailored to your organization’s circumstances, prioritised to allow you to allocate resources effectively, and written in plain-english to allow your teams to reduce security risks swiftly and efficiently.

We take pride in ensuring our reports include:

  1. Actionable Recommendations:
    Many penetration testing reports are often filled with long lists of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). While listing CVEs provides an overview of potential vulnerabilities, it does little to guide the organization in addressing them. We go beyond merely listing vulnerabilities; by providing clear, actionable recommendations on how to resolve each identified vulnerability. This might include recommended patches, configuration changes, or additional security measures. By providing specific actions, our reports becomes a practical tool for improving security, rather than just an inventory of potential problems.

  2. Business-Specific and Meaningful advice:
    The best penetration testing reports are grounded in an understanding of the organization’s operations, priorities, and risk tolerance.  A vulnerability that poses a severe risk in one context might be relatively minor in another, depending on factors like the data involved, the systems’ role, or the likelihood of exploitation. By considering these factors, we can prioritize recommendations and provide advice that is both relevant and practical to your organization.

Ultimately we’re here to help you reduce your security risks, not overburden your IT teams with long incomprehensible reports.  Contact us to find out more.