We monitor your IT for attacks.

Sleep easy at night and meet your log monitoring compliance requirements as our SOC Analysts monitor your IT for attacks.

Simply deploy a small agent, or send us log data from your Cloud APIs and we’ll provide cost-effective cyber security monitoring and incident response from DEFEND our UK Managed SOC, without requiring dedicated on-premise infrastructure or expertise.


Be Compliant

Meet your security event monitoring compliance requirements, including PCI DSS, by shipping logs from your entire IT estate to DEFEND our cloud-based SIEM solution.  Protected from tampering, we retain log data for a year.


  1. Be Compliant: Meet your log monitoring compliance requirements, including PCI DSS

  2. Detect Threats and Reduce Risk: Ina landscape where breaches go undetected for 206 days on average [IBM 2019], every moment counts. Our 24/7 monitoring solution DEFEND, uses over 3000 carefully crafted rules and threat intelligence feeds, detecting diverse attack vectors and staying ahead of the latest threats.

  3. Stay Informed: Forget monitoring a disparate array of dashboards. We’ll monitor your entire IT – including Public Clouds, Software as a Service and your on-premise infrastructure and provide the reports and data you need.

  4. No-Hassle Implementation: Lacking in-house Cybersecurity expertise? Fear not. With DEFEND, our SIEM as a SERVICE, SOC experts handle the SIEM monitoring and management and are available to assist with the agent installation and log shipping. Get up and running within days while your IT team focuses on what they do best.

  5. “No Noise” Monitoring: Our mission is to empower, not overwhelm. With dedicated security experts overseeing and safeguarding your IT infrastructure, you’ll receive focused, actionable recommendations tailored to your needs – not hundreds of false positives.



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