Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence provides valuable insights into the current threat landscape, enabling us to proactively identify and mitigate potential security threats. By monitoring and analyzing information about emerging threats, including new malware variants, attack techniques, and threat actors, we can stay ahead of potential security breaches and take steps to prevent them from occurring in your IT.

Threat intelligence can help us identify the most likely attack vectors for your business and help you prioritize your security efforts accordingly. This can include implementing security controls to protect against known threats, such as patching vulnerable software, blocking malicious IP addresses, and updating security policies to mitigate emerging threats.

In addition to providing insights into the threat landscape, threat intelligence allows us to understand the motivations and tactics of threat actors, allowing us to anticipate potential attacks and respond more effectively to security incidents. This can enable you to minimize the impact of any security breach and reduce the overall risk to your business.

Threat Intelligence Analysts

Our Threat Intelligence Analysts curate several types of data to support DEFEND: 

Indicators of Compromise

We consume multiple threats feeds from diverse sources that provide us with data on known malicious IP addresses. This includes things like: known malware command and control servers; sites hosting phishing pages and IPs attempting to exploit vulnerabilities.  We correlate this data in real-time with traffic the telemetry we collect from your network, to alert us if these threats are seen within your environment.

Tactics and Techniques

Attackers are continuously updating the techniques they use.  Our analysts monitor the cyber security industry as a whole; including our UK specific InfoSec partners to keep up to date with the latest attach methods.  We use this to update our detection rules and enhance our detection capabilities.

Threat Hunting

In addition to curating our rules and detection techniques, our analysts will mine your historic logs for these new techniques to discover attacks they may have previously gone unnoticed.

Stay ahead of threats.