Expert Analysis

Expert Analysis

Having staff with cybersecurity skills is paramount for the effective use of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems and other security tools because they understand the current threat landscape, can properly configure and maintain the systems, and respond promptly and effectively to security incidents.

“Essentially, these security tools are only as good as those operating and managing them.”

With FoxTech Cyber, we have the Cyber Security experts, so you don’t need them.

Your SOC Analysts

You’ll have an assigned FoxTech Cyber account manager and lead SOC analyst.  Together they are responsible for learning your business, understanding your IT and evaluating the threats relevant to your sector.  This situational awareness allows them to investigate each alert and finding armed with contextual knowledge of your organisation.  We’ll provide recommended actions and information on how each event impacts your environment specifically.

We’re here to help, not drown you with meaningless alerts.  Take a trial to find out how CyberSecurity doesn’t have to be hard.

Your security, our experts.