Modernise Your IT Systems

Keeping up to date with the latest IT technology can deliver crucial benefits for your company, including helping you to grow revenue and enhancing your everyday operations. A a recent survey (Cisco’s Security Outcomes study) showed that organisations with a “proactive tech refresh strategy” are much more likely to have positive security outcomes.

Foxtech’s IT modernisation services

Trust FoxTech to deliver your IT modernisation strategy. We can free up your in-house staffing capacity and take care of your technology transformation by taking legacy IT and transferring critical data from servers to the Cloud. We are Meraki and Cisco partners, as well as Fortinet and Microsoft partners.

Here at FoxTech we can modernise your IT infrastructure, upgrade technology and help you adopt new software to streamline your business.

Most organisations only have to do a cloud migration once – meaning the vast majority don’t have this experience in-house.

Without having to rely on complex legacy systems, you can look forward to:

● Simplified IT and improved end-user experience
● Faster response times
● Improved security and maintainability
● Increased uptime

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Cloud migration

FoxTech can help you become more agile with mainframe modernisation. Enhancing legacy infrastructure and migrating your business functions to a newer platform technology such as Cloud systems can help reduce IT spend. We can look at what is currently working for you and build on that to improve the functionality of your existing platforms in areas including performance, code and maintainability.

Server Modernisation

New servers are highly secure and include patches to counteract the latest cyber threats. They’re also designed with Cloud in mind and support expanding workloads and DevOps. By replacing your legacy servers as part of your IT modernisation strategy with help from FoxTech experts, you can be sure that your IT staff’s efficiency will be improved and your customers will enjoy faster data insights. New servers will also help reduce costly downtime.

Network Modernisation

Is it time to modernise your storage? A modern storage infrastructure can help you remain firmly in control of your data and:

● Speed up data recovery
● Lower storage costs
● Improve data security


Application Modernisation

With our application modernisation services, we can help take your existing legacy applications and modernise their infrastructure and architecture. Moving them to the Cloud will help you speed up the delivery of new features. FoxTech can help reduce the complexity of modernising your applications.

FoxTech's IT Modernisation Services

Reduce costs and become more agile by refreshing your IT with the help of FoxTech experts. Find out more

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