Protect data with a Cloud Penetration Test

Cloud computing has become widespread in the past few years. The ‘Cloud’, which refers to servers that are accessed over the internet and the software and databases that run on those servers, is particularly vulnerable to misconfiguration. 

With thousands of configuration settings, there are unfortunately many ways for IT teams to make mistakes. It is also extremely easy to accidentally publish something to the world, that was intended to be private. 

Cloud Mis-Configurations

Using Cloud computing means users don’t have to manage physical servers themselves or run software applications on their own machines.

The Cloud can also make it easier for companies to operate internationally because employees and customers can access the same files and applications from any location.
However, this same ease of use, brings ease of mis-configuration.  With only a few clicks you can expose data meant to be private to the entire world.

Cloud mis-configurations can be particularly damaging especially as compliance requirements, such as GDPR, are becoming more stringent.  Cloud systems also allow large-scale user access, so if the proper security measures aren’t in place, it can be difficult to know that a mistake has been made.

FoxTech Can Help

FoxTech technicians are ‘Cloud native’. While some tech firms are accustomed to dealing with physical servers in offices, our technicians are at the front and centre of the Cloud era. In short, the Cloud is our speciality. Cloud providers that we regularly test on include Microsoft 365, Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Book a FoxTech Cloud Pen-Test today and we will analyse and evaluate your organisation’s Cloud infrastructure to ensure you’re protected from security risks and threats.

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