G-Suite Security Reviews

G-Suite can play a pivotal role in an organization’s daily operations by hosting user accounts, sensitive data, and email communications. Its significance cannot be overstated, as any potential security breach or data loss can have far-reaching consequences, ranging from reputational damage to financial losses. As such, ensuring that G-Suite is secured with robust security measures is essential to safeguard an organization’s most valuable assets.

77% of cloud breaches feature stolen or misused user accounts. Therefore, the first part of our G-Suite configuration review is to identify if user accounts, passwords and privileges are being managed well in the organisation.

Business Email Compromise attacks have skyrocketed in recent years. Appropriate email configuration can help reduce this risk. Therefore the second part of our review assesses the configuration against Google security best practices and those of the Centre for Information Security.

Our reviews specifically cover:

  1. Protection of users accounts such as:
    1. Password policies and compliance with those
    2. Appropriate onboarding and offboarding of employees
    3. Authentication controls in place
    4. Appropriate use of least-privilege
    5. Additional protections for administrator accounts
    6. Check for the existence of shared accounts
  2. Email security configuration
    1. DMARC, SPF and DKIM Spoofing protections
    2. Email scanning and phishing protections
  3. Review of security defaults
    1. Defaults permissions for sharing of calendars and files
    2. Controls for reducing risk of accidental sharing outside of the organisation
  4. Review of activity reports and alerts for suspicious activity
  5. Review policies for access from managed devices
  6. Review of external apps with access to your account
  7. Review of audit rules


Before we start any testing, we’ll agree on a formal testing Scope document with you. In this, we’ll agree on the G-Suite organisations that are in-scope and how we will access these.

Once our testing is complete, we’ll provide you with a report with detailed findings, their impact and how to fix them. We can also provide consultancy to help fix these if that is useful to you.