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Application Security Testing

Does your company run an app? There are more than eight million apps available for users to download and the number is rising all the time.

It’s inevitable that bespoke software is affected by programming bugs and other issues. Considerable time and resources are spent on fixing these issues to ensure they operate robustly, and accurately.

Yet app security is often overlooked.

With a range of testing options to choose from, our experienced staff can offer a comprehensive review and testing service.

Application Security Assessments

Rigorous regular testing is required to ensure your applications are not breached by cyber attacks. Common vulnerabilities include security misconfigurations, broken access control, outdated components, insecure design and cryptographic failures. These vulnerabilities all put your customers data and your reputation at risk.

FoxTech’s Application Security Review and Testing Services

Here at FoxTech, our experienced staff can offer a comprehensive review and testing service. We have a range of testing options to choose from, from automated scanning to manual testing, and we can cater for all budgets.

As well as scanning using the targeted tools, we can thoroughly test your application systems from within by accessing the source code, allowing us to identify security weaknesses, technical flaws and vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.

We can cover web applications, APIs (SOAP, REST) and the growing market of mobile apps.

Let Us Help You

We will send you the comprehensive results from our Application Review and Testing Service quickly, so you can immediately see and address vulnerabilities in your system. It’s the best, targeted way to meet application security targets and cost efficiently support your business.

Don’t let cyber criminals ruin your application’s performance. Book an Application Security Review here.

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