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Foxtech’s Network Management Services

The set up and configuration of your network is essential to your business’s security. Let FoxTech take care of the day to day running of your network for you. FoxTech can install your network, including WiFi, firewalls and firewall switches and manage and monitor it for cyber threats – helping you to keep your network running smoothly and robustly.

What are Network Management Services?

Network management involves the monitoring and maintenance of your business’s IT systems and software. The experts at FoxTech will be on hand with easy to understand advice and to carry out tasks such as implementing upgrades, user administration and regular network maintenance. Reduce network downtime and keep your devices running smoothly with FoxTech.

Why outsource Network Support?

By letting FoxTech take care of your network for you, your business will be in a better position to concentrate on what you do best.

Business Benefits:

  • Enterprise network that just works;
  • Network is still yours – you’re not locked in
  • Outsourcing if you don’t have the skills or capacity in-house
  • Added protection with continuing remote working
  • Take advantage of modern architectures like SD-WAN, SASE and Cloud based firewalls
What are the Benefits of Network Management Services?

About Foxtech’s Network Management Services

FoxTech’s Network Management Service provides a fully managed network service where we monitor your network and tune it to keep it running smoothly – monitoring factors such as link latency; WiFi channel utilisation, and device health. In addition, our engineers will adjust QoS rules, firewall rules, routing and WiFi channel allocations to ensure reliable and secure operation.

We manage all licensing on your behalf, providing consistency of service and ensuring that nothing ‘falls between the gap’.

When combined with the FoxTech security monitoring, our Security Analysts will also respond to attacks to defend your systems. There are many security products to understand – and they’re worthless if they’re not configured appropriately. Our managed services team will run your security suite for you and respond to attacks as they happen. Our services cover:

Firewall Tuning: Update rules to defend against the latest threats

WIFI spectrum monitoring: Configuring WiFi for optimal performance

LINK monitoring: Discover when provider WAN links perform poorly and take action

QOS Tuning: Protecting your business-critical functions and traffic during times of congestion

Fault Monitoring: Pro-active fault monitoring and diagnostics

Software Patching: All devices patched and updated to mitigate vulnerabilities

Active Defence: When combined with the SOC, actively defend against attacks as they happen

Change Management: BAU changes deployed in accordance with your appropriate change processes

SD-WAN Configuration: Connectivity where you need it, when you need it, without fuss

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