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Foxtech’s Vulnerability Management Service

The knowledgeable experts at FoxTech will provide an ongoing vulnerability management service. We can help you work out where your system’s vulnerabilities are and fix them. We will scan your system to find out what is present on your internal network and test to make sure that patches are applied and devices are configured securely. Regular, ongoing, automated scanning will detect threats and allow you to act quickly against them.

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What is Vulnerability Management?

The majority of cyber security incidents are the result of attackers exploiting publicly disclosed vulnerabilities to gain access to systems and networks. Attackers will, often indiscriminately, seek to exploit vulnerabilities as soon as they have been disclosed. It is important (and vital for any systems that are accessible from the internet) to install
security updates as soon as possible to protect your organisation.

Some vulnerabilities may be harder to fix, and a good vulnerability management process will help you understand which ones are most serious and need addressing first. As part of an effective vulnerability management programme, vulnerability scanning solutions can be an affordable way to automatically detect security issues within your organisation’s networks.

Managed Vulnerability Management Benefits

FoxTech’s vulnerability management programmes will give you the confidence that you are keeping your systems and data protected as new threats emerge. We will assess and prioritise vulnerabilities that are not straightforward to fix. This will leave you safe in the knowledge that you are reducing the chance that your business is a source of onward infection to other organisations you work with.

Vulnerability scanning can be run on a schedule, on-demand or in response to trigger events such as a new build of a software project or the deployment of a new server. This enables an up-to-date view of the vulnerability landscape to be maintained. All this can be done fast, cost effectively and accurately.

Why Choose FoxTech for Vulnerability Management?

Our staff have run IT systems both big and small.  We get it – patching can be hard – not all systems are as well built as you’d like! Our experts combine real world pragmatism, with detailed knowledge of current threats to help manage vulnerabilities in a way that addresses the true risks.

You don’t just get a tool with automated reports full of technobabble. We apply expertise to give you meaningful advice and help you get what you need.  Risk reduction at sensible cost.

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