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Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Real-time host based intrusion detection is critical for businesses who need to identify threats quickly and move fast to stop them.  FoxTech’s Managed EDR Service will provide will monitor your servers and workstations for signs of attack and react before they spiral out of control. We’ll use our vast knowledge and experience to configure a leading EDR technology for you and maintain it to deliver the protection you need. Book a review

What is Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)?

EDR uses an application installed on your machines to monitor for suspicious activities, either from malware, APTs or malicious insiders and block this activity in its tracks.  EDR helps your business identify threats that could have breached the IT network perimeter.  This is an essential part of a modern distributed IT system.  Also known as Host Based Intrusion Detection (HIDS) or Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

EDR uses a combination of detection methods.

  • Signature-based detection compares files against a database of known malicious signatures.
  • Anomaly-based detection tracks anything on the system that appears to be atypical behaviour.

How Does Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Work?

As part of an MDR service, you’ll install an EDR agent that reports into a cloud based management console.  Based on workshops with your teams we get to understand how your business works. By combine that with our knowledge of current threats, our Security Operations Centre can configure the software to best balance the needs of the business and protection against current threats. 

We monitor and tune this, responding to and analysing alerts and blocking threats as they occur.  You’ll get useful, actionable advice and not just a stream of meaningless alerts.

Why Choose FoxTech?

The trusted experts at FoxTech are ESET and Microsoft Partners and can provide an affordable managed service tailored to your needs.

We’re not a large anonymous corporation – we really are here to help and become the extension to your IT team that just makes things work.

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