How to Protect Against Cyber Threats

How To Protect Against Cyber Threats

“Are you tired of constantly worrying about cyber attacks? Well, fear not! That’s where a SOC, or Security Operations Centre, comes in.

A SOC is like your personal army of cyber defenders, ready to fend off any threats that come your way. In this blog post, we’ll examine some of the cyber security threats that a SOC can prevent. So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive in.”

Advanced Persistent Threats 

First up, we have Advanced Persistent Threats, or APTs for short. These are sophisticated attacks that can go undetected for months, even years. But with a SOC, you can detect and respond to APTs quickly, minimising potential damage. 

Malware Infections 

Malware is a general term for any malicious software that can harm your computer or steal your information. And let’s face it no one wants malware on their computer! A SOC can help prevent malware infections by monitoring your network for traffic to known malware Command & Control Servers and detecting unusual patterns of activity on your servers. 

Phishing Scams 

Ah, phishing scams. The bane of our digital existence. But fear not! A SOC can help protect you from these fraudulent attempts to obtain your sensitive information. By monitoring your emails and web traffic, a SOC can detect traffic to known phishing sites and detect logins from unusual locations to allow you to kick the attacker out before the damage is done. 

Insider Threats 

Sometimes the biggest threat to your cyber security can come from within. That’s where a SOC can help. By monitoring employee activity on your network, a SOC can detect any suspicious behaviour and prevent any potential insider threats. 

Zero-Day Exploits 

Zero-day exploits are vulnerabilities in software that have yet to be discovered by developers. That means hackers can exploit these vulnerabilities to gain access to your network undetected. But with a SOC, you can stay one step ahead of the hackers. By detecting techniques for lateral movement, a SOC can detect and respond to the tactics criminals use after the initial foothold is gained, even if the initial access is unknown and undetectable – cutting off the attacker before they do any damage. 

A SOC is like a superhero for your cyber security. It can detect and prevent a wide range of cyber threats, from APTs to zero-day exploits. If you want to sleep soundly at night knowing that your network is protected, consider investing in a SOC. 

Giles Atkinson


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an essential tool for organisations to protect their IT infrastructure from Cyber threats.

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