Risk and Security Management

Risk And Security Management

Have you ever been completely unaware of a weakness and been taken by surprise?

For example, worn brake pads and your brakes fail at an intersection, causing you to run into oncoming traffic.

Often with risk impact analysis, we can think the solution is more expensive than the risk itself and so continue to do nothing, hoping we never suffer.

But what if you discover the risk is more than the cost of the solution and still take no action? While this a common course of action, is it a wise and well-thought-out response? What if you could discover a risk you are blissfully unaware of and resolve it for free or very little?

Accenture’s Cybercrime study reveals that nearly 43% of cyber-attacks are targeted at SMBs. Only 14% of these accounted SMBs are prepared to face such an attack. On average, SMBs spend between $826 and $653,587 on cybersecurity incidents.

According to Gov.uk just one in five (19% among both businesses and charities) say they are certified under the Cyber Essentials standard, which is the most frequently obtained certification.

This blog is for the 81% who want to be made aware of the quality of their security. You can get your CyberRisk report for free to discover if your security’s good or bad. Or, if you are curious, how about checking your supply chain? Knowing where the gaps are is helpful so you don’t suffer a breach or failure.

Or if I was speaking as Ryan Reynolds I would say…

Hey there, fellow business big shots! Ryan Reynolds here, ready to talk to you about something super serious…that you may not take seriously at all.

Let’s talk about risk and security management More specifically, let’s talk about the kind of risk that you may not even believe exists – cyber threats.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Cyber threats? Ha! That’s just something my IT department likes to scare me with to justify their budget.”

But let me tell you, my fellow CXOs and board members, cyber threats are no laughing matter. In fact, they’re a serious risk that could cost your company everything.

Think about it. What would happen if your company’s confidential information was hacked and leaked to the public? Or worse, what if your entire system was shut down by a malicious cyber-attack?

Suddenly, that “silly” cyber threat doesn’t seem so funny, does it?

That’s why it’s so important to perform a CyberRisk Report when it comes to cyber threats. It’s not just about protecting your company’s data – it’s about protecting your company’s bottom line.

Sure, you may think that your company is too small or too obscure to be targeted by cyber criminals. But guess what? That’s exactly what they want you to think. They prey on the unsuspecting and unprepared, and trust me, you do not want to be caught with your digital pants down.

So, my fellow business titans, let’s take cyber threats seriously. Let’s perform a CyberRisk Report and make sure that our companies are protected from those digital deviants. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll be able to laugh about all this over a round of avocado toast and craft beer.

Stay safe out there!

Yours truly, Ryan Reynolds (AKA not an IT guy, but still concerned about cyber threats)