Risk and Security Management
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Risk And Security Management

Ever found yourself blindsided by a vulnerability you never knew existed?

Picture this: worn-out brake pads lead to a sudden failure at an intersection, propelling you into oncoming traffic.

Often in risk impact analysis, we underestimate the cost of a solution compared to the risk itself, opting to do nothing and hoping for the best.

But what if the risk outweighs the cost of a solution and still, we choose inaction? While this response is common, is it truly prudent? Imagine uncovering a hidden risk and resolving it for little to no cost.

Accenture’s Cybercrime study reveals a startling statistic: nearly 43% of cyber-attacks target SMBs, yet only 14% of them are adequately prepared. On average, SMBs incur expenses ranging from $826 to $653,587 due to cybersecurity incidents.

According to Gov.uk, only one in five businesses and charities (19%) are certified under the Cyber Essentials standard, the most frequently obtained certification.

This blog is dedicated to the 81% seeking insights into the strength of their security measures. You can access your free CyberRisk report to evaluate the effectiveness of your security. Alternatively, take a closer look at your supply chain for potential vulnerabilities. Understanding where the gaps lie can prevent breaches and failures down the road.


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