What is Cyber Security Architecture?

What is Cyber Security Architecture?

What Is Cyber Security Architecture?

Cyber security architecture is a set of overarching security principles and models that are designed around your goals to keep your business safe from cyber threats. Getting security right at the start of any development helps to create systems that are easier to keep secure and can reduce the need for any costly rework in the future. 

Why is Security Architecture important?

Good architectures split systems into well-defined components with defined security roles. This specification can make the system easier to develop and maintain by clarifying the security functions each component is expected to achieve. Furthermore, an appropriate architecture can make the overall system robust to the failure of individual components – providing security defence in depth and minimising the risk of the failure of a single component causing a complete compromise of the entire system or IT estate.

What are the elements of security architecture?

A cyber security architecture should cover all seven principles of the Zero Trust security model (devices, people, data, networks, workload, automation & orchestration, visibility & analytics). Security architecture will cover:

● Application security
● Network security
● Cloud security
● Internet of Things (IoT) security


What is Cyber Security?

If your business or organisation uses computers, servers, Cloud services, internet interaction or devices such as laptops or PCs, then you need a cyber security strategy to prevent cyber criminals accessing your data.

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