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Outsource your IT Security for ongoing ultimate protection

Cyber security is one of the most significant challenges organisations are faced with today. An ever-increasing number of security risks means business leaders need to address protecting data from cyber attacks.

In order to be fully effective, cyber security requires not only targeted technology but the skilled security experts to manage it. Most companies don’t have this specialism in house – instead having generic IT specialists – meaning there is a significant cost in recruiting, training and retaining for this role in-house.

Addressing cyber security-related issues, such as identifying vulnerabilities, responding to threats and meeting compliance requirements means that many organisations are choosing to outsource security requirements.

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Why outsource your cyber security?

Choosing a specialist to look after your cyber security brings a number of benefits, including:

Reduce strain on your in-house teams

Security systems generate a large volume of alerts, and without dedicated specialists to investigate, important security events can be missed. Outsourcing helps to alleviate the pressure on in-house IT

Greater Affordability

Outsourcing security can be more cost effective than employing an in-house team

Specialist support

You’ll be working with experts in the field

All bases covered

Outsourcing means all cyber security aspects are covered, including governance, risk and compliance.

You Can Trust FoxTech

Outsourcing your cyber security is a big decision for any organisation, but finding a partner you can trust will allow you to concentrate on running your business, safe in the knowledge that your cyber security is in good hands.

At FoxTech, our highly-qualified team can offer cyber security solutions to help protect your organisation from cyber threats. Partner with us and we’ll work as an extension of your in-house team to deliver the support, guidance and protection your business needs.

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