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Foxtech’s Protective Monitoring for Hybrid Cloud Service

Companies operating in the Hybrid Cloud have applications or services running in a data centre as well as in one or more public Clouds, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

At FoxTech our Hybrid Cloud management tools will monitor your Cloud and on-premises IT. Our team will get to understand your business, so that you can react to cyber security threats before they compromise your activities.

What is Hybrid Cloud Monitoring?

FoxTech’s Security Operations Centre is a protective monitoring service that centrally collects audit logs from Cloud services, network devices and servers. Logs are analysed for signs of attack using curated rules, machine learning and threat intelligence feeds.

  • Security monitoring provides insight into systems and allows for the active detection of threats and potential security incidents
  • Security monitoring introduces an additional layer of defence to systems
  • Actively monitoring systems affords the opportunity to react to early signs of compromise, meaning organisations can respond effectively
  • This will protect your reputation and build client confidence

What is Protective Monitoring for Hybrid Cloud?

Protective monitoring for Hybrid Cloud covers:

  • Network devices
  • Windows, Linux and AIX servers
  • Custom applications
  • AWS, GCP and Azure clouds
  • Cisco Umbrella
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Other custom integration possible

FoxTech’s Protective Monitoring for Hybrid Cloud Service

Here at FoxTech we have a range of ways to monitor your systems and to keep you protected.

  • We collect event logs centrally in the FoxTech SIEM tool
  • Use rules, AI and threat intelligence to detect suspicious activity
  • Analyse alerts with knowledge of your business to provide you with actionable advice
  • Report quarterly on the health of your service and IT.

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