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With the ever-increasing convergence between OT and IT, it is more important than ever that organisations secure their systems.  A security weakness in a company’s IT systems can lead to their industrial systems being compromised, potentially crippling the entire organisation. 

That is why RedLion has partnered with cybersecurity experts FoxTech. 

FoxTech provide a service called CyberRisk which assesses an organisation’s risk of being hacked, scammed or held to ransom.  CyberRisk checks for weaknesses in their defences and identifies vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited by opportune threat actors. 

Think of it like a credit score for their IT & OT systems.   

What's In It For Me?

CyberRisk can help you grow your business by opening conversations with both existing and potential clients.  Best of all, this service is entirely free. 

Additionally, if required, FoxTech can provide a free 15-minute consultation between one of our cybersecurity specialists and your prospect or client.  We can walk them through the report and provide advice and guidance on how they can improve their security posture, including using security devices such as those offered by RedLion.  As CyberRisk has no business context, then this can be a critical step in understanding their security posture and an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about their estate. 

In summary:

  • CyberRisk is completely free for RedLion partners 
  • Opens conversations with prospects and clients 
  • An opportunity to demonstrate where RedLion products can add value 
  • Gain a deeper insight into the client’s estate and potential impact on OT 
  • CyberRisk is entirely passive, using publicly available information requiring no consent 
  • Includes a 15-minute consultation with a cybersecurity specialist
  • Demonstrates your business to be a good ‘cybersecurity neighbour’ 

You're one step away from finding out their cyberrisk score

How cyber criminals exploit organisations

With OT lifecycles spanning multiple years (if not decades), more and more companies are finding that the gap between modern Cyber Security approaches and their OT infrastructure is widening.

Historically this presented less of an issue with IT and OT systems being largely isolated from one another, but with modern approaches to manufacturing/engineering requiring the two to converge, this Cyber Security gap has become an alarming concern.

Threat Actors have recently shifted their efforts to these newly connected OT systems, adapting their attack methods to gain access to OT-connected IT systems with a view to halt business-critical systems, holding business to ransom until paid.

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