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"People do business with people"

Iain Gibbons


Iain brings over 25 years of expertise in managing and implementing some of the largest and highest profile projects in the UK. Working with Blue Chip organisations, Iain has been responsible for global teams across multiple sectors including finance, retail and public sector.

Having delivered some of the UK’s most Critical National Infrastructure, including Anti-terrorism, Advanced Passenger Analysis, Biometrics, Border Controls and Visa Caseworking systems, Iain truly understands the significance of cyber security and the impact it can have on businesses of all sizes.

Passionate about doing the right thing, he stands by his belief that ‘people do business with people’ – whether that is within our own team here at FoxTech or with our clients.

Tommy Giovannelli


Tommy is a founding director and is not only responsible for ensuring that we are operating as efficiently as we can for our customers – he’s also one of our Network gurus!

He’s been the lead Network Architect for organisations of all sizes delivering network solutions across Health Care, Central Government and Real Estate. He can bring his warts and all experience of running large corporate networks covering a multitude of technologies.

Of course, the main thing to say about Tommy is that has the most extravagant beard. Started as a bet, it’s got somewhat out of hand and there is only one barber in the UK he trusts to trim it for him! Seems extreme, but this fastidious attention to detail keeps us all on our toes.

"If you break it, you fix it"

"Security doesn't have to be hard"

Anthony Green


A CREST Practitioner and a recognised thought leader in cybersecurity, Anthony has designed and implemented some of the most secure systems in the UK. Working with the largest global corporations, advising Government on security best practice as well as small and medium businesses throughout the South East.

Anthony’s background is highly technical. He started out building Linux servers while still at school; went on to get a First from Cambridge in Computer and Information Engineering before starting a career building complex integrated systems for IBM clients. His career has spanned software development, infrastructure, technical leadership and security roles.

One of Anthony’s pet hates is when he sees ‘the wrong security’ being implemented. For example – forcing people to change passwords every 90 days. Every major standards organisation now says this is a bad idea – yet we still see many enforcing it, and making users’ life difficult unnecessarily.

Steve Fountain

Account Director

Steve brings over 20 years’ experience in delivering strategic projects to SME to FoxTech and our clients, with an approach to clearly understand the business needs of our clients and position solutions to fulfil their needs.

Steve is excited to be part of FoxTech as we think outside of the box and deliver ICT and Cyber solutions that are not just compliant but use critical thinking, looking at the ICT business function holistically to close gaps that the standard approach often leaves open.

One of Steve’s bug bears is those who over sell and under deliver, a curse of the sales and business development industry. Steve finds it is critical to get to know FoxTech’s clients and the business pressures they are facing.

"Under sell, over deliver"

King of the 'To-Do' list

oli stoyle

Head of Delivery

If the phrase ‘Make it happen’ could take a human form, it would be Oli!

Oli is the king of a ‘To-Do’ list, and as an avid multitasker, he can juggle priorities like a duck takes to water.  

Oli brings a wealth of project management experience and thrives on project responsibility and accomplishment.  Not only is he an outstanding Project Manager, but Oli also has an abundant technical background, with particular expertise in Biometric technologies.  Oli has led fast-paced IT infrastructure and software projects for over 12 years and joins FoxTech as Head of Delivery.

Matthew Wylie

Senior Security and Infrastructure Engineer

Matthew Wylie is our Senior Security and Infrastructure Engineer. Possessing a formidable experience of 20 years in Cybersecurity, Matthew has spearheaded complex global solutions in blockchain, fortified the security of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure and modernised some of the most complex systems in the country.  

He’s widely recognised for his expertise in SIEM and Identity and Access Management and has assisted organisations of all sizes and types, ranging from governments to small and medium-sized businesses.  He is always ready to lend a hand, no matter the sector or scale.   

We’re privileged to add his immense knowledge and experience to our team.   

If you are ever lucky enough to work with Matthew, you will quickly learn that complex problems can only ever be resolved while eating Jaffa Cakes! 

“Access Management is simple. You can't come in. We'll start with that and work from there”.

"You wouldn't go out and lock your door but leave all your windows wide open."

Giles Atkinson

Jnr Cyber Security Analyst

With over 20 years of experience in IT, working for both multinationals and startups. Doing everything from technical support and database programming to web development. 

A fascination with cybersecurity took Giles in a new direction, spending all his spare time studying the subject and developing his knowledge.

He’s excited to be working with the team at Foxtech, and helping to reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

“You wouldn’t go out and lock your door but leave all your windows wide open.” 

It’s a powerful reminder that, just like your home, your computer systems and networks require protection to stay secure. 

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