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FoxTech is an independent , friendly and deeply specialised cyber security company in the UK, with expertise spanning decades of Public Sector and Government services. We provide information security advice, assurance and solutions to help you make informed decisions about securing your systems from cyber attacks.

Our mission is to bring the expertise and experience of running the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure to clients of all shapes and sizes. Pragmatic, sensible and useful advice.

Our Aims

Pragmatic advice from experts

True partnership - what is good for you is good for us

Helpful, approachable and responsive

Why Choose FoxTech?

With decades of experience, our staff have worked in cyber security on the international stage. We cater for global companies as well as small start–ups. We have a deep understanding of the daily threats undermining businesses and can work with you to produce a comprehensive cyber security system for your industry.

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We’re looking forward to working with you as your trusted partner. Together we can put a stop to cyber crime.

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