Evidence-Based Security Practices

Expansive compliance frameworks listing hundreds of security measures can be found in may places, from the likes of NIST, ISO and CIS.  While great for defining what “good” looks like – which controls give you the most risk

Ransomware Red Flags

Ransomware attacks are a growing concern for businesses of all sizes, but especially for mid-sized companies that may not have the extensive resources of larger corporations.

ASSURE: Cyber Essentials

This case study demonstrates how FOXTECH helped a client achieve Cyber Essentials certification, win government contracts, and reassure their customers about their security standards

ASSURE: Security Solution Transforms Company A

Company A, a mid-sized technology firm, was confident in its cybersecurity measures. The company had invested in top-tier security tools such as Darktrace and Alienvault to safeguard its digital assets.

What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability scanning is the use of specialist tools and expert analysis to identify any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your IT system, which could open the door to hackers.