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Outsourced services bring benefits to MSPs

Partnering with an expert in cyber security can be of huge benefit for managed services providers (MPSs), particularly as their access to client networks means they’re highly vulnerable to cyber attack.

MSPs will be aware of the devastating 2021 Kaseya attack when Russian hackers carried out a supply chain ransomware attack by spotting a flaw in Florida-based firm Kaseya’s software. Multiple MSPs and as many as 1,500 of their clients were affected.
Outsourcing cyber security to a trusted partner helps ensure MSPs’ security is safe and provides peace of mind to clients that their MSP is being independently monitored and protected.

What are the benefits of outsourcing cyber security solutions?

Benefits of outsourcing your cyber security include:

Extra protection

Independent, impartial assessments from specialists mean you’re reinforcing your cyber security and reassuring clients their business data is safe with you.

Access to skills

Partnering with cyber security experts means you have access to a broad range of skills and experience, needed in today’s world to combat the changing threats posed by cyber criminals. We can also offer you access to CyberRisk for your clients, new and old, to help drive business growth opportunities.


In an ever-changing climate, your cyber security expert can advise on modernisation as well as help with capacity when you’re dealing with large projects.


Outsourcing IT security is cost-effective when compared to the investment required to manage an in-house team.

FoxTech can help

Choosing the cyber security expert that’s right for your organisation is an important decision.

You need to ensure that they inform you of exactly what is going on in your security every step of the way by supplying comprehensive reporting.
This will give your clients the peace of mind that you are on top of all security concerns.

At FoxTech, we offer a multi-layered security approach and ongoing support to prevent both immediate threats and new risks that emerge in the future.
We work with you to provide the security strategy that’s right for you. Contact us to discuss your cyber security requirements.

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