Cyber security for telecoms and ISPs

When it comes to cyber security, the telecommunications sector is widely viewed as one of the most vulnerable to attacks. Among the attacks the industry is susceptible to are malware and zero-day attacks, when hackers exploit recently discovered software flaws before developers have a chance to address them.

Telecoms companies have large customer bases meaning there are very lucrative targets for hackers as one breach can reap many rewards. As a result, security has to be even more robust to prevent access. Mobile devices are a major area of vulnerability as are home routers and unsecure mobile apps.


The damages that could be caused by an attack by cyber criminals could potentially involve:

● Credit card and ID theft

● Website Hijacking

● Loss of reputation


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How telecoms can improve security

Effective security can be achieved and maintained by keeping abreast of technological advancements in data security and by following the strict compliance rules, which are subject to rapid changes.

At FoxTech, we offer a holisitic approach to cyber security, encompassing vulnerability and patch scanning, through to SIEM and protective monitoring to keep threats at bay. Our Cyber Security Review will identify weaknesses and outline the prevention measures and incident response methods needed in this complex industry.

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