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FoxTech’s security solutions protect the financial services industry

The financial services industry has been heavily targeted by cyber attackers using ransomware. The industry is also more likely than other sectors to be affected by advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Banks, insurance companies, payment providers and financial exchanges have specific cyber security needs, such as data, edge and application security. This can lead to a complex myriad of security solutions to ensure regulatory compliance, prevent account takeover and protect against web and DDoS attacks, as well as preventing credential theft. At FoxTech, we can remove this complexity for you.

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How FoxTech can help

At FoxTech we offer a range of cyber security solutions for the financial services sector. Our expertise covers:


Cyber security for fintech

Fintech has revolutionised automated financial services but systems are at risk of cyber attacks on multiple fronts. Even a minor security incident can result in significant reputational impact and loss of customers, while a breach of legal regulation often incurs severe financial penalties. FoxTech’s cyber security for fintech offers protection against these security threats.


Data security financial services

Information held by financial services companies is frequently targeted by cyber attackers via email using phishing. This can lead to data leakage and identity fraud. Our end to end security services cover, encryption, identity and access management, SIEM all the way through to backup solutions.

Why Trust FoxTech?

FoxTech staff have years of experience working with cyber security for the financial services industry. We have the knowledge to cover all bases and offer the right solutions to keep your organisation safe.

We will work with you as a trusted partner to deliver the cyber security you need to keep your organisation safe from cyber attack, so you can get on with the important business of running your company.

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