Security Architecture


What is Cyber Security Architecture?

Cyber security architecture is a set of overarching security principles and models that are designed around your goals to keep your business safe from cyber threats. Getting security right at the start of any development helps to create systems that are easier to keep secure and can reduce the need for any costly rework in the future. 

What are the elements of security architecture?

A cyber security architecture should cover all seven principles of the Zero Trust security model (devices, people, data, networks, workload, automation & orchestration, visibility & analytics). Security architecture will cover:

● Application security
● Network security
● Cloud security
● Internet of Things (IoT) security

Why is a cyber security architecture needed?

Well-built security architecture reduces the risk of cyber breaches and protects your assets from digital harm. A well architected and configured system or service will help you gain confidence that your security controls are mitigating the risks that your organisation might face. FoxTech is here to manage your systems securely and maintain their security over time. A consolidated and holistic cyber security architecture will improve overall security and prevent cyber threats in real time.

Foxtech’s Cyber Security Architecture Solutions

FoxTech is an independent and highly-specialised cyber security company. Our expertise includes decades of experience in public sector and Government services. We can provide the expertise to help you get the right security architecture in place and help you make informed decisions about securing your systems from cyber attacks. Our security architecture team will design computer systems to help you achieve your security goals. FoxTech are specialists in Cloud, network and information security architecture. We can help manage threats and reduce risks. Our services include:

● Server or network hardening
● Architecture
● Design reviews
● DevSecOps

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