What is Endpoint Security?

Servers, laptops and PCs and other devices that connect to your network are commonly referred to as endpoints. The practice of securing these endpoints from being exploited by cyber criminals is known as endpoint security.

Endpoint protection systems are designed to quickly detect, analyse, block, and contain attacks in progress.

Why does endpoint security matter?

Many businesses focus their cyber security on their servers and Cloud services as this is where the data is held, but the endpoints are often overlooked.

As GCHQ has often said, if you can’t trust the security of your endpoint, you can’t trust that your data is secure. In fact, 50% of all cyber attacks have come from compromised endpoints.

Increasingly endpoints are out in the wild; that is, people are using them at home, in a cafe or on a train, making them vulnerable to hackers.

Endpoint security is essential because 20% of businesses have now reported becoming a victim of cyber crime, which equates to 10,000 attacks every single day in the UK alone. More than £4.5 billion is lost to cyber crime every year.

How does endpoint security work?

Ways to secure endpoints include:


Install updates in a timely manner to prevent attacks.

Whole Disk Encryption

Securing the data on a device so that anyone who steals hardware can’t access the data.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Multiple usernames and passwords can get forgotten, lost or left on display for would-be hackers. SSO condenses the process so that only a single username and password is required.

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